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Premier Pigeon Stud started in 2002, since those very beginnings our passion and determination to create a world class stud has kept us driving forward.

Premier Pigeon Stud started in 2002, since those very beginnings our passion and determination to create a world class stud has kept us driving forward.


What may appear to be a business is in fact a dedicated team of individuals that work so close together they are more like a family, where the birds are their children.
The main enthusiast behind the Premier family is Graham Sparkes, who's dedication and professionalism leaves nothing to chance. He has been joined by Racing Director Brian Bolton and then by Marketing and Sales Director Derek Nicholls both internationally renowned in the pigeon sport.

The Premier family is always on the look out for the very best pigeon stock to join their world class stud, as well as new fanciers to buy their offspring and create more winners and more members of our family who would like to take advantage of the unique personal service we offer our customers, or should I say family members.

About Us

 Graham Sparkes pigeon enthusiast since boyhood, Chairman and stock production Director, Also chairman and owner of Patrington Haven Leisure Park

Brian Bolton Racing Director, An Ace fancier for many many years and winner of countless races and awards over several decades, he is now in sole charge of the Premier Stud racing lofts in Antwerp Belgium since July 2009.

Derek Nicholls Sales and Marketing Director, Many years a professional pigeon fancier, known internationally in the pigeon sales market, and one of the founders of the One Loft Race scene around the world.

Guy Sparkes Overall Business Co-ordinater of Premier Stud and the Leisure Park.

Dave Walker Full-time Loft Manager and Assistant to Derek Nicholls.

About Us & Our Racing Ambitions

We at Premier Stud take pride in our World Famous stock and couple them to provide us and our customers with young birds that we can watch grow and thrive and hopefully reach their potential to become champions. We believe every bird we produce has the potential to become a Champion, or we would not breed it!

Graham & Les standing in front of their typical Yorkshire twenty-foot backgarden loft.

As of 2010 our only ambition is to win at the classic middle distance races, those being from distances of above 200 miles but below 450 miles. For this reason all our 'out and out sprinter pigeons' such as the Roland Janssens, even though they are very good birds, have been sold on. For the same reason our specialist long distance birds such as our Jim Biss birds were sold on. Does this mean our birds can't win below or above these distances? Of course not, indeed all of our present day nine family groupings have won from as short as 50 miles and from as long as 500 miles plus! But their best races are from the classic middle distance as this is where the best races are from, in particular in the hotbed of the Antwerp Union, where our main ambitions lie.Les and Graham at the partnership's hobby racing loftLes and Graham at the partnership's hobby racing loftLes and Graham at the partnership's hobby racing loft.

Les and Graham at the partnership's hobby racing loft

We closed down our mega-successful, professional racing loft at the Stud in 2007 amid complaints from the competition that as we had great big lofts, full time staff and super facilities, it was somehow unfair! And while considering this we came to accept that perhaps we were not competing on a level playing field with the rest of the competition. To address this, and in the spirit of fair and even competition, in 2009 Graham Sparkes, in partnership with Les Bennett, built a 20 foot loft in the small back garden of Les's modest semi-detached house. From the Stud we placed just 50 babies to race, these being just grandchildren of our best birds from our various families.

Graham holds the partnership's first combine winner a Premier Stud bred Van Dyke Kannibaal pigeon.

As well as this we have set up a racing loft in Antwerp Belgium, by continental standards very average in scale, in the ordinary back garden of an ordinary semi-detached house in an ordinary suburb of Antwerp. We have flown very lightly in 2009 just to establish our team of 50 pairs of old birds to race in 2010. We have bred 150 youngsters at the Stud to go and join the the old birds in February 2010, when we hope to be able to compete with and win against some of the elite of the Belgian pigeon sport! The results till present you could read in part one about the lofts in Merksplas.


Our stock birds have been researched and hand picked direct from the lofts of some of the world's top pigeon fanciers.

We have had the pleasure of spending time with each individual fancier to get to know them and as time has passed, we have become friends. We aim to provide the best possible stock and racing teams together with a first class personal service.
You can view a selection of our super stock birds on our Websiste. All actually belong to Premier Stud and are breeding here right now with direct stock available from them all.

Click here for the website

The agreement is the Stud will bring over young off their very best. Graham has spared no expense in buying the very best!! Of the best of modern day winners over 100 Koopman bred birds including 8 from Kliene dirk over 50 bred by Reynaert including 8 from Figo over 50 bred by Van Dyke including 8 from Kannibaal plus many many more outstanding birds. This way he can test them against their loft mates bred in Merksplas as well as the weekly Antwerp Union races with a special eye for the National Races. With the formation of this partnership with Edd Sittner in Merksplas and Premier Studs full time Racing Manager. In Merksplas the directors of Premier can test the birds against the best and get the results they wish for.
I would also furnish young off my breeders, again no expense spared. Brian would be the loft manager and I would help as often as I could be there.
Derek would manage the administration and Graham along with all the rest of us would get together in Merksplas and enjoy the great spot of pigeon racing.

My breeders are from: 1 Jan van de Paush, 2 from Peter Colijn, 2 from Verkerk, 7 from Co & Piet Verbree, 1 Nico Jan Koenders, 1 Harrie van Boxmeer two from Antoon Reynart and 50 from Kees Bosua. They are the finished product of buying 600 birds and keeping the very best. All are off these fanciers best birds and capable of breeding superior youngsters.

I have made some good friends in Belgium and have met a super couple; they are my best friends, Ronny and Peggy van Tillburg who own Hobby Shop van Tillburg in Zondereigen. Ronny has assisted Brian and myself in every aspect of friendship and helping us pilgrims in a new country. Ronny is very special.

Fulfilling my dream of competing with the best and having Brian, Derek and Graham as partners, what a deal. I have a team can do what they said can’t be done, compete and beat the Belgians!! Stay tuned for the outcome!!

Keep up the good work and we wish you success from the Duivenkrant and Pitts! 


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