35th Olympiad in Brussels costs 500.000 euro, but will not result in a loss

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The cost of the Olympiad is budgeted at € 500,000
Revenues are estimated at € 538,000. At present there is € 356,000 already received and to be received there are € 182,000. In this € 182,000 is calculated € 50,000 revenue of entrances (5000 visitors à € 10).
The expenditure today amount to € 450,000 but there is still a margin of € 50,000.

General President Stefaan Van Bockstaele organized a press conference regarding the Olympiad which takes place in Brussels Square in Brussels on 27,28 and 29 January 2017.

On the picture from left to right h. Marsille-Francine Lageot-Tina Van Bockstaele-Stefaan Van Bockstaele-Geert Philips Jeroen Rommelaere. 

Prince Laurent will be responsible for the official opening of the 2017 Olympics on Friday, January 27th, 2017 at 10.00 am.

The Brussels region provides an amount of € 150,000, spread over three years, 2015-2016-2017

The caterer will be the one of the National Dasy in Antwerp. Last year the diner provided by the Brussels caterer was poor. Because the KBDB does not wish to make use of the caterer of Brussels Square there will be a surplus of 9 € per person to be paid

.SVB: ” In Brussels Square, everything is possible, but everything is charged . So they asked an amount of € 600 to mark positions with tape,This has been canceled, we are going to fix things without taping of the positions. "

This time the champions also pay for their dinner. The KBDB asks € 80. In reality the cost for the dinner is € 93 per person. The reason why the champions now have to pay is because there is no sale of vouchers, so there is no income of the auction anymore.

.SVB: ” The KBDB will not go bankrupt. We have always worked as it should and we are financially sound. We have rented the apartment above the offices for € 800 per month and the pub is re-rented. The KBDB is self-basting.”

The official Olympiad flag, designed in 1948. This flag is handed over tot he Polish delegation on Sunday after the Olympiad


Additional information :

- Stands: both national and international stands on level -1. The two halls are full. Priority was given to the Belgian companies.

Stand H38 is reserved for Pitts, Duivenkrant and La Vie Colombophile.

- Pigeons: the pigeons are arranged on level +1. On the one hand some 10 fanciers that are offering îgeons for sale ,on the other hand the exhibition of some 800 Olympiad pigeons

- The stand of the KBDB and cloakroom are located on Level 0, the ground floor.
- Because of the threat level 3, which is still in force, there is only one main entrance where the security will be present. Security is 24/24 available, even at the stands at the pigeons, and costs € 55,000.

- The exhibition of the pigeon as a hero. More than 200 unique photos from W. O. I and II are exhibited.

- The Pigeon pop-up is arranged especially for the youth. Beginners have the opportunity to enter into dialogue with two veterinarians. The topics are chosen by the youth themselves. Time will be devoted to the question of young fanciers on the influence of magnetic fields (eg. Cell phones) on the pigeon. There is also Tombola and the young fanciers will have a refreshment. The youth also receives a package with pigeon products.

- Funny Kids Club: on Saturday, January 28th, next to the catering a corner for the little ones is installed. There will be a balloon folder and there is grimage and a play area.

- The KBDB in collaboration with B-Post developed a number of stamps with the official logo. On Saturday, January 28th there will be a “stamp's first day issue "organized for the fanciers and stamp collectors. That stamp was designed by illustrator François Walthéry. That day a temporary post office will be open. F. Walthéry will also be present in person to autograph his work, including The Old Blue, in a neighboring stand. For comic fans: he is the illustrator of Natasha the hostess

- The Ladies Corner has been intalled on a proposal from Françine Lageot. On the previous Olympiad there was nothing planned for the ladies. Françine wanted to provide this for Brussels. From2 pm the ladies can consume a glass of champagne whilst they enjoy the cooking of Brussels' top chef Albert Verdeyen. He will offer his popular Stoemp and feature tastings. During the three days of the Olympiad the ladies can enjoy the delicious chocolates of chocolatier Laurent Gerbaud, there is a lady who will make lace, they will be able to enjoy a wonderful collection of Victoria jewels, there is a studio with fantasy jewelery and warm Brussels waffles will be a special treaty.

- Tour buses will be organized. Two trips are provided of about 1u15'each: a trip to the Atomium and a trip to the area with the European authorities. A bus will leave every 20 minutes, so fanciers who wish to get off the bus to look around will be able to continue their trip with the next bus. Cost is € 25. In the next edition of the Bondsblad you will find a voucher of € 3 for these trips. Also on the stand of the KBDB you will be able to obtain those vouchers.

- Catering: The garage next to Hall 1 and 2 has been hired for catering. In Hall 3, visitors can enjoy lunch at € 16, You can make a choice between French fries with meatballs in tomato sauce or stew, or vol-au-vent. A beer costs 2 euros.

SVB "And it will not be three pieces of stew but a well-filled plate. I had a picture sent to the caterer to show how the fries with stew are supposed to look like. This year it is also ensured that enough beer and wine is in stock so we can not get a repeat of last year. A pub with no beer is a catastrophe. For the fancier, a visit to the Olympics is not failed if he an get plenty to eat and drink. The catering area can accommodate 800 to 900 people. It is equipped with 400 seats and the remainder can have a walking diner and use the high round tables for a walking dinner. You pay with tickets and it is 2 euros per ticket. The stands close at 6 p.m. but the bar stays open! "

- Gala Dinner on Saturday, January 28th, 2017 at 7 p.m.. This celebration, with presentation of the Olympic Sport, the prices of the World Championship and Grand prizes awarded by international personalities, will be held at Autoworld (Cinquantenaire), the largest automobile museum in Belgium. During WWII it was a gathering place for pigeons. Reception where "Olympic Champagne" will be given, will take place on the ground floor in hall "Blue Boulevard" and for the dinner the guests will move to the room "Mezzanine", on the platform, one floor up.

SVB "There will be free shuttles deployed between Brussels Square and the Cinquantenaire Park, about 10 min. Drive. There is also ample parking in front of the building. We are expecting 800 people for the gala dinner including a group of 43 people from China and Taiwan led by the prime minister of Taiwan who studied in Paris. Sandra Kim and Frank Galan are the singers and there will be a performance by a group from Taiwan. A detail that we recently heard: the party must end at 1 am beause high-ranking European people live in the neighborhood who do not want noise. The price is € 125, dinner, drinks during dinner and the Olympic Champagne reception included. If we make a comparison with the price that was asked during the Olympiad in Ostend then, with the index increases with it, the dinner now would cost € 150. The total cost for the gala evening is forecasted at € 88,000. "

- The dinners for the national champions will be held at the Bozar (Palace of Fine Arts) in hall HORTA.
On Thursday evening, Jan. 26. At 7 p.m. the nat.champions and nat.ace pigeon winners will be honored , winners of Youth, Speed ​​and middle long distance and on Friday Jan 27at 7 p.m. the national champions and ace pigion winners of the heavy middle long distance, the long distance and the extreme long distance will be celebrated.

SVB: "As a landmark, the old headquarters of Fortis, alongside the Bozar, is being torn down, you can’t miss it. The Antwerp caterer will take care of the dinner for around 1300 people. . We therefore pay € 9 per person fine to Brussels Square because we do not wish to use their Brussels caterer. "

- For associations or groups that want to come to the Olympics by bus it is possible, but only on Saturday 28/1, the minimum number of people per bus is 35 and the price is € 25 per person. More information can be obtained thru Tina Van Bockstaele Jeroen Rommelaere and Eric Dubois at the secretariat of the KBDB in Halle.

- For the visitors of the Olympiad: the easiest way to visit this event is by train. There is a weekend rate and the exit of Brussels Central is located right next to Brussels Square. No problems with traffic jams or searching for parking!

- If you wish to reserve hotel pls. do this through 'Visit Brussels' where the KBDB has obtained a discount of around € 20 per room.
Promotional material: Artisanal caramelized cookies with logo, jumper (blue) of sponsor Benzing (made in Belgium), T-Shirts, white and blue with logo, key rings, pins, stickers, bics, penny for shopping carts, caps, bag Olympiad emblem and ( coffee) cup Olympiad emblem.

- With regard to threat level 4. We remain optimistic that everything can continue. Moreover, there is no assurance that wants to do business with us to cover the € 500,000. We have asked for it but they do not want to cover. "

- Above the hall where the pigeons are installed, there is a press room with WIFI where members of the press will be able to do whatever they have to do.

- There is also a VIP room where appropriate interviews will be conducted and where 3 receptions will be held.

Finally, Stefaan Van Bockstaele closes the press conference by thanking the officers and staff of the KBDB and the volunteers who in the past year and also now have selflessly committed for the Olympiad. Earlier this year, a letter was sent to the representatives with the demand for cooperation and they have responded positively to it. A work schedule was drawn up and everyone has been assigned tasks. Working meetings are held with the managers of Brussels Square on a weekly basis.

Van Bockstaele also makes the press attentive of the official flag of the Olympiad dating from 1948. After the Olympics on Sunday it will be handed over to the Polish delegation, because Poland will host the next Olympiad. 

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