9 versus 3 doping sinners. (+Premium-NewsPaper)

Posted on 24/01/2017, Author: Pitts

Where does the story of the nine doping sinners comes from? At the press conference, Vet Schoonheere of the WAC has elaborated for about half an hour  on alleged misinformation that has appeared on Pitts. There are "only" three positive cases instead of nine as Pitts makes people believe. Pitts was the cause of all problems, Pitts was the cause of all unrest. Clearly now. The three positive cases we know are Poussaert, Claeskens and Vermeulen. Then there were three cases who had received a letter that both their A sample and  their B sample were positive for morphine. WAC has subsequently classified those as negative, but at the time of the facts they were  clearly positive, as it is stated in the letter of the KBDB sent to the persons concerned. We have deliberately not released the names, not because big names are concerned(as Claeskens is also a big name) but because WAC still had to decide whether they were eventually to be classified as negative and we do not want to participate in the game where people are wrongly put to the sword. Then we had received confidential information from the board  of directors of the KBDB that another three positive morphine cases had appeared but as mentioned this individual, they still had not received a letter because they wanted to wait for the decision of the WAC for the other three morphine cases. 3 + 3 + 3 = 9. If we get this information from someone of the board of directors we take this information for granted, no ….. ? If the WAC or the KBDB believes we disseminate false or insufficient information than they need to search amongst their own staff. We can provide sufficient mails in which we ask for an explanation but they often refuse to formulate an answer. Even if we try by phone, very often there is no response at all.  For years now, we ask for a press officer to be installed at the KBDB offices but so far no effort has been made in that direction. One finds that unnecessary, everyone wants "sometimes" when it suits them do their own think.  The WAC reproaches us to spread misinformation, but please note that initially, during the press conference, they didn’t  even want to  answer our questions. That they now put the blame on others in the area of communication is too ridiculous to call. In addition, Pitts has no benefit whatsoever in sending wrong information to the world. But it is our damn duty to put things as they are. That Pitts is about the only one that gives the info so thoroughly is due to the fact that some parties are concerned and can’t, others dare not, and again some other parties are not interested at all. We as a press group should bring the issues critically, analyze and listen to all parties involved  and try to bring the news  as objectively as possible.

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