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Posted on 22/10/2020, Author: Pitts

This fancier has learned the pigeon craft from father André. The pigeons from father André Allemeersch form the basis for Allemeersch-Van Parys. To strengthen their lofts they went to Marcel Aelbrecht (Lebbeke) and Freialdenhoven (Germany) 1st National Bordeaux. Together with “Het Leeuwke” and “Poitiers” they form the basis of the colony in Ruddervoorde. From the baselines of this small colony, Alex and Corry Allemeersch-Van Parys offer a select group of beautiful summer youngsters 2020, from the best of the best and ready for breeding.

A 60-TAL youngsters were weaned for their own use.

The youngsters were started slowly with the intention of performing in August.

  • 15-08 Chateauroux (484km) 312 Boy club 1-5-11 …………………… ..and 17/38
  • 22-08 Bourges (445km) 174 Youngsters Club 3-4 …………………………… and 10/18
  • 05-09 Blois Montoire (403km) 111 youngsters club 1-2-3-4-5-6-9 ………… .. and 12/24
  • 06-09 Argenton (512km) 149 youngsters club 2-4-6-7-10 ……………… and 12/14
  • 12-09 Chateauroux (484km) 78 youngsters club 1-4-7-8-10 ………………. And 7/12

Some standard bearers of the loft were:
“873-20” het bruintje ”who won no less than 3 first prizes to her palmares.

  • 1/266 Pontoise (232km)
  • 1/111 Blois (Montoire) 403 km
  • 1/78 Chateauroux, 16/3036 Prov. 484km
  • 19/395 Clermont 197km

On her father's side she descends from the old lines Allemeersch - Van Parys “den dark” den outbreker ”” girl aelbrecht ”
On mother's side she descends from Zus 1st prov middle distance from Peter Bours. A nice detail is that this hen was bought from PITTS last year.
“920-20” “Juliette”

  • 3/281 Blois
  • 5/312 Chateauroux
  • 3/174 Bourges
  • 3/111 Blois

With this she will be ranked in the provincial ace pigeon category long distance youngsters.
This would then be 3 years in a row that the tandem Allemeersch - Van Parys would rank among the provincial Ace pigeons long distance youngsters.
2018 with “sixpack” 4 ace pigeon long distance
2019 with “Mister six” 10th Prov Ace pigeon long distance
2020 with “Juliette”
On the father's side we see the bloodlines of David Vermassen and Gebroeders Vandenheede
On mother's side she descends from the famous pigeons Allemeersch - Van Parys such as "Leeuwke" "den outbreker"
939-20 "Monique"
This hen classified herself 5 times in succession on the major middle distance races

  • 12/281 Blois
  • 7/336 Blois
  • 30/312 Chateauroux
  • 19/174 Bourges
  • 9/111 Blois

On the father's side we see the well-known lines Allemeersch - Van Parys “Leeuwke” & André Allemeersch “De Poitiers”,
On the mother's side we see a hen bought last year at PITTS (total sale of Magarino tobajjo).
Also worth mentioning is the “866-20” Oscar
This cock flew:

  • 1/312 Chateauroux 26/4785 Prov
  • 4/149 Argenton 124/4647 Prov

On the father's side the lines Allemeersch-Van parys “den donkeren”
ALONG MOTHERSKANT the well-known lines Allemeersch - Van Parys “de kletskop” “leeuwke”
Also worth mentioning the 888-20 and 952-20 (2 brothers)
The 952-20 VLOOG 4X hit on fontenay:

  • 4/128, 27/351, 42/709 and 31/261

The 888-20 flew

  • 2/149 Argenton 101/4647 Prov.
  •  8/78 Chateauroux 170/3036 Prov.

On the father's side we see a brother of "Mister six" 10th ace pigeon long distance 2019 and "de kletskop"
On the mother's side we see the bloodlines Allemeersch-Van Parys and Vandemeulebroeke

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