Argenton pigeons at home even before the release!

Posted on 08/10/2020, Author: Pitts

28,411 pigeons were basketed on September 3 for the national race from Argenton. Due to the bad weather conditions on Saturday, it was only released on Sunday 6 September at 8.50 am. The arrivals of the first pigeons would be expected in the middle of our country around 4 pm.
However, a little after 10 am Saturday morning, two pigeons report to Alex De Zutter in Gentbrugge. After observation, it appears that both pigeons were basketed for this national flight, while it has not even been released officially! Obviously all around disbelief, there is some ringing and dumbfounded Alex contacts the club, which in turn contacts mandatary Van Raemdonck, who not much later pushes towards Gentbrugge to do the loft control.
After the determination in Alex's loft, the KBDB calls in the help of the on-site inspector in Argenton who confirms a little later that indeed only 3 of the 5 pigeons from De Zutter have been found in the baskets ... How the pigeons are no one knows. No defects were found in the baskets. We can suspect that the pigeons must have left on Friday, otherwise they would never have arrived in Belgium around 10 am.


Honesty Diploma
The KBDB responds 'to be proud to have such honest fanciers among their members' and on the basis of article 25 of the national sports regulations, Alex would be reimbursed his amounts paid for the pigeons in question. As a diploma for his honesty, he receives an almost symbolic 3.60 euro back, namely 2 x 1.80 euro postage ... The three other pigeons simply remained in competition. Furthermore, no compensation for entry fees or compensation as a result of the loss of prizes for paying or non-paying championships ... The KBDB solemnly promised to circulate a press release and communicate about the incident. To date, however, we are still waiting for this report and with it the recognition of Alex's sportiness and exemplary attitude. And then of course the dolls start to dance. Do the sports regulations also say that in such an incident the entire basketting club should be removed from the results?
According to De Zutter, the local is in any case not to blame, quite the contrary.
Alex: “This regrettable incident is most likely the result of human error. Still I find it strange that no other pigeons can escape, or maybe they can, but we will never know. Unfortunately it is now about my pigeons, but it could just as well have happened to someone else. In order not to jeopardize the entire race, I did not make it difficult at all. I don't worry about the lost deposits of the pools. The fact that two of my pigeons, which I think were in very good condition, were unable to compete, I will also add that. But what I find particularly unfortunate is that this is not mentioned in all languages. According to the KBDB, my honesty was appreciated by all lovers of the country, while in fact it was actually kept very quiet ... "

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