Dirk stops with the pigeon sport!

Posted on 16/12/2017, Author: pitts/PB

Dirk stops with the pigeon sport!

Dirk Vaes undoubtedly belonged to the champions lofts of South Limburg (B) during the past decade. Moreover, Dirk (and his wife) didn’t make too much effort as a board member of his club. Nowadays ,  however, the pigeon sport is increasingly difficult to combine with the busy job of Dirk Vaes (Shiftq to sometimes 22 hours at VCST). Partly due to the sudden death of his best friend, basketing on Thursday or Friday became almost impossible. With the prospect that in 2018 short distance will be basketed on Friday, pigeon racing has become practically impossible for the Vaes family.


Clerinx pigeons (Nieuwerkerken at St-Truiden).

Dirk Vaes got the microbe from home; Emile Clerinx was his neighbour and good friend in his hometown of Nieuwerkerken. After the move to Herderen it was therefore not surprising that there was lavishly drawn at the source of the famous Clerinx-pigeons in Nieuwerkerken! (still several direct Clierinx pigeons in this sale).


The Provincial

Already in 2010 the first big success was won: The 5033505/10 won the provincial victory from Sezanne against 4545 pigeons. This brilliant blue athlete achieved a phenomenal record of short distance  and middle distance over 3 years of racing, including 1/515; 1/724; 2/362, etc.

The Provincial also turned out to be a gifted breeder after his flying career. A large part of the current loft stock is related to the Provincial or to his parents.


The racing

Because of their descent, the Clerinx pigeons are particularly suitable for the middle distance and heavy middle distance. Due to circumstances, undoubtedly, in recent years, the maximum could not be obtained from these beautiful pigeons. In 2017 only a few races on the short distance with the old and yearlings were participated. Moreover, in 2017, the youngsters  were given away to the many pigeon friends of Dirk Vaes.

But also on the short distance this pigeon strain can perform magnificently; fierce, aggressive athletes, with great perseverance; in short: born winners !!


Total Sales

In Herderen they have already started demolishing the pigeon lofts! All pigeons therefore come in an exceptional total sale via www.pitts.be from 11 December to 20 December 2017.

The pigeons remain in the aviaries since May 2017, are fully moulted and optimally ready for the immediate breeding!


  • Click here to go to the auctions.
  • The viewing day of these pigeons will take place on Sunday 17/12 in: "De Luman", Schulensebaan 5, 3560 Lummen from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm.
  • The auction ends on Wednesday 20/12/2017 at 8 pm. If a bid is made in the last quarter of an hour, the auction will be extended by 15 minutes each time.

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