Eddy & Nicole Huygens (Booischot): 2nd Olympiad-pigeon Cat. F for Belgium Brussels 2017

Posted on 12/01/2017, Author: DL-Davy / Phil

Eddy & Nicole Huygens from Booischot (Antwern) win the 2de Olympiad Pigeon in Sport Cat. F for Belgium on the 35th Olympiad in Brussels– Belgium 2017.

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Category F

F 01 Habraken - Ducheyne Vorselaar 6090146/16 3 2,1300 
F 02 Huygens & Stroobants Booischot 6120829/16 3 2,3080 
F 03 Vrancken - Berden Kuringen 2237789/16 3 2,5920

This was achieved in one year (year before the Olympiad) at distances over 100 km (youngsters) with 3 races, minimum 250 participating pigeons, minimum 20 fanciers, minimum 300 km and 1 per 5 price.

be16-6120829-hugette20-20bak-11.jpg | Pitts

BE16-6120829 ‘Hugette’ 2nd Olympiad Cat F Brussels 2017, 1st Noyon in Kempens Verbond Noyon

Black and white feather / white head hen with ring number BE16-6120829 'Hugette' is the 2nd Olympiad pigeon Series Sport Category F at the 35th Olympiad in Brussels - Belgium 2017 with a coefficient of 2.3080.


  • Sire: BE12-6207287 ‘Hugo Jr’
    • Grandfather: BE07-6357818 ‘Hugo’ a driect Hugo Van den Putte Booischot
    • Grandmother : BE11-6222144 checkered white headed hen
  • Dam: BE13-6133484 ‘Cato’
    • Grandfather: BE10-6047509 ‘Sven’ 3rd National ace pigeon2010
    • Grandmother BE11-6203203 ‘Renilda’ Theo Yskout Hulshout

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