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Posted on 12/09/2017, Author: RH/Phil

Time for reflection, we put everything in line for you.


I am convinced that the basket is still the best judge. That's my position for years and that will always be the case. Recently my father closed his season and selection had to be made. He can look back at a top year, not with many pigeons but still a very good season. And then selecting is a peace of cake. My mother gathers  all results  all year long. Results per pigeon and per flight. So then you take the book. For years now our selection criteria are 50% price and 1x top prize. And, as I said, he had a real top season. 29 youngsters met those criteria. 9 cocks (old and yearly) of which 3 top performers. Those three will be transferred to the breeding loft, the other 6 will be used as widower for the racing hens. No, he doesn’t let the old pigeons remain on the loft. Why? Because this whole group had the bad habit of sitting on the roof of the neighbours, and that's what they remain to do. However, their results were not bad. All nine achieved 50% and top prizes. But it does not fit into our system, they have to train and therefore they are going out. They were taught badly as youngster and once they have a bad habit, you don’t get it unlearned.

And for what concerns the hens, 14 remain, actually 18 but four of 2013 will move tot he breeding loft. If you consider their results over 4 years, dizzying. Now what do you do if you only learn pigeons and can not select on the basis of results. To my opinion all pigeons should remain on teh loft till the following season. I don’t support selection by hand. Unless of course in the group there is a pigeon that no longer resembles a racing pigeon, yes, I agree, it needs to be removed. And all those fanciers claiming to be able to see it in the hand, I don’t believe in it. I have already won several wagers with this, so prove the contrary.


Let’s take a look at your lofts. Do they meet the requirements? Don’t I need to  change anything? From now on you have time for this. Is the ventilation working correctly ? For years now , there has been a lot to do about the ventilation of pigeon lofts, but I rather see the problem with too much ventilation because then there is draught which is bad for the pigeons and their condition. Make sure there never occurs draught , close everything, draught is forbidden. Be more severe in your selection, less is more. The less pigeons often the better, but not just for the ventilation, also for what concerns the racing method  and the system. You have to make up for yourself if the system you race with still meets the modern requirements. More and more the game with the hens gets the upper hand and often they remain in the aviary all day long. That's also something to think about. Do not put everything full. If you have 16 places in the loft, put 12 pigeons. Never over populate and select severely then you win twice.  The lofts must also be practical, handy, so you do not have to spend hours and hours in cleaning and removing droppings. Pigeons are being raced more and more out of the aviaries. The  Dutch are doing this  for years already, maybe something to consider at your place.  Also pls. read our articles of experienced fanciers.


Basically, your pigeons must be in good condition at the end of the racing season. If the results were bad then it's high time you're investigating this. What's the cause? And as I said, if they are in good condition, you should not take any medical action. Maybe a cure for trichomonase, especially for the breeders. Year and day I read and hear that fanciers preventively cure against paratyfus during moulting. Now, unless there are or have been problems on your lofts, I do not really see the added value of it. If your pigeons have nothing, why should you cure them? Try to support your pigeons with herbs or give them 10 days of Kolombocox  and then throughout the whole rest period provide the product 3 times a week. It ensures a perfect balance of the intestinal flora and germs do not get the chance to cause problems. Building up natural resistance, start now! Pigeons who are not able to cope should be removed. Just the same with vitamins , certainly do not exaggerate, moulting mineral or ecuchol, 2x maximum 3x per week should suffice. Take a look at the Pitts webshop. Actually there are interesting sales actions for the moulting products and, of course, sharp prices.


Once again Pitts organizes a collective purchase of feed, 11.95 euros per bag home delivered for a beautiful balanced mix. No more dragging with bags. A beautiful balanced mix with healthy grains, is more than enough. For years now we have been feeding with the Pitts mixtures both during moulting  and breeding and we never saw differences or deviations and the performance is excellent. Occasionally, an energy mix is added during the racing season but for the rest, nothing special. And honestly, it saves you a lot of money. You have to take 1 pallet of course but on the other hand, if you talk with a couple of friends, the 40 bags are distributed in no time. Something additional to consider.


Once your selection is finished, your lofts are organized and your racing system for the new season is in your mind, you can start thinking about reinforcement.  What do I need? Cocks or hens? Which cock or hen should have something extra. Mostly when I buy pigeons through Pitts, I know in advance exactly which cock or hen I need or I put together a new couple. A purchased pigeon must give you 100% satisfaction. Again this year Pitts has put together a nice selection, at fair, correct prices. Performance pigeons but also youngsters from breeders and top racers. For both speed, middle long distance and long distance. We also will be organizing watch days again. This year at 2 locations, in East Flanders and in Limburg. Pitts are coming to you this winter. In the next newspaper, more about this. The first auctions will then be announced together with a word of explanation.



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