Gert Cirkel (Nieuwegein-Nl)

Posted on 14/10/2020, Author: Pitts

Gert Cirkel started his career in pigeon sport with the purchase of a few white pigeons. With his company "white pigeon service" he wanted to offer these pigeons to let go at weddings and parties. These pigeons sometimes had to fly home from more than 100 km in often the harshest weather conditions (also in winter). Gert realized that this required characterful and healthy pigeon athletes.
That is how Gert ended up in Belgium. Excellent white (seagull fungi) flew at Vos-Jennes in Diest. These pigeons were able to compete with the best Belgian middle distance lofts. Excellent white pigeons also flew at Rudi Hendrikx in Maasmechelen. Pigeons from the Hendrikx line Spook moved to Nieuwegein. Sonja Vandermaelen, widely known for her Fungi, received a visit from Gert Cirkel.
In Herk-de-Stad (B), Vanoppen-Luyten had a white Olympiad pigeon in 2005. Descendants from this line were also crossed in the white strain of Gert Cirkel.
Later there was input from Heremans-Ceusters, Ad Schaerlaekens, Dirk Vandyck (from daughter Kannibaal x Klz Kannibaal !!), etc.
Targeted crosses and inbreeding gradually resulted in a larger percentage of pure white pigeons
The young pigeons, born at Gert Cirkel, in Nieuwegein, were initially selected by releases at weddings and parties, from all directions and in all weather conditions. Because of this "natural" selection, of course, only the very best remained. Pigeons with natural health and unrivaled perseverance, even in difficult circumstances.
In recent years, Gert Cirkel has also been testing his white pigeons at the young pigeon competition in his club. The pigeons did well up to 400 km. Nice prize percentages were played, resulting in top prizes and odds in the young pigeon championships.
Nice and good!
It will come as no surprise that pigeons with such a top pedigree, also strictly selected by Gert Cirkel, have already achieved top results in many other lofts (even in China !!)

This sale includes

  • Granddaughter top racer 80% prize, 1, 3, 4, 5, 5, 9, 3X10th
  • Son "Witje 034" 7th Pommeroeul 955p, 24th Pommeroeul 2141p, ....
  • Half brother 3X1st, ... line 1st National Ace pigeon, 1st Orleans, 1st Reims, 1st Creil
  • Granddaughter of top racers 6th Quievrain, 9th Laon, 12th Nanteuil, ..
  • Topline "Spooky" mother National toppers 18th China, 17th Poland, ...
  • Daughter top racer 11th Teletext, ...
  • Son of line 2nd NPO 11000p, 2nd NPO 4845p, 2nd NPO 3939p, ...
  • Son / daughter Line 2nd NPO Morlioncourt, 10th Duffel 1590p, 29th Orleans 2540p, ..
  • Half brother / sister 16d Quievrain 3546p, 15th Gennep 745d, ... Line 1st Peronne, 4th Stombeek
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