Jo Vangeel

Posted on 07/10/2017, Author: pItts/PB

Jo Vangeel and his wife make a strong team, the pigeon sport is completely in the Center. Jo is a dynamic and brighter young man with exceptional performances, which brought the pigeon express ride in recent years. Young, dynamic and successful, so the success story of this shock in three words describe compact. Jo Vangeel belongs in Belgium to the younger generation, carrying far beyond the pigeon sport "Made in Belgium". This strike has won in recent years, can be hard to top. 



  • The viewing day of these pigeons will continue on Sunday 8/10 at Gert Van Limbergen, Lange weestraat 51, 9340 Lede
  • from 11h00 till 13h00
  • Click here to go to the auctions

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