Jos Vanbrabant 13 prizes on 13

Posted on 18/10/2017, Author: duivenkrant@hotmail.com

For a few years to work, in a fixed shift on Saturday, Jos Vanbrabant has to constrain himself to the game with the young pigeons. In 2017, there was only a participation in the speedraces on Sunday.
Because no old pigeons are played, a number of performance pigeons are sold each year. Pigeons, who would get a place at the widower's herd at most dairy farmers, will be sold here through Pitts.

What did you think of 2233677/15, played only as a young pigeon, with 13 prizes on 13, including 8 times per 10, and 1/386; 1/272 and 1/2169 !!! Also in the sale is the 5069402/17, played only from 23/7 to 27/8, with 6 prizes, of which 4 per 10 and among others 1/241!
The 5069419/17 also showed up with 12 prizes without doubles !!
Furthermore, young pigeons from the Vanbrabant's top line, namely the "black magic 318/16", 17th nat. ace pigeon speed 2016, and his father's 009/14, the 4th nat ace pigeon speed 2014 !!!!

The auction ends on Wednesday 25/10/2017 at 20:00. If an offer is made in the last quarter, the auction will be renewed every 15 minutes.
The viewing day of these pigeons will continue on Sunday 22/10 at Gert Van Limbergen,  Lange weestraat 51, 9340 Lede
Click here to go to the auctions.

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