Jos Vanbrabant - Dams (Heusden-Zolder) + Auction

Posted on 06/10/2020, Author: Pitts

Due to working conditions, the Vanbrabant-Dams spouses are forced to limit themselves to the game with the youngsters. So in the past they participated with great success exclusively in the speed races with the juniors, in the mighty game of West Limburg, against thousands of pigeons every week !!!!

The successful train at the Vanbrabant household left with the input of pigeons from fellow club members Alfons Custers and Robert Bielen. Top pigeons were born in a cross with the current stock father 016/09, originating from Robby Willems from Mol, (including Special One: 4th nat.Ace pigeon 2014). This couple also produced "Uno" (532/11), a fabulous breeding hen, mother and grandmother of many 1st prize racers.
A son of their car winner from Orléans 2003 was also obtained from Lucien & Johan Vandebroek in the neighboring Zolder (this cock himself flew 1/2140 Melun). , strengthen the small breeding loft in Heusden.
The baselines
The top lines of the small breeding loft of Jos Vanbrabant-Dams include.

  • Blue Robby Willems (Mol)
  • Robert Bielen (Heusden)
  • Francois Cuters "Special One": 4th nat. Ace pigeons 2014
  • "Rocket": 4 x 1st against average. 300 pigeons.
  • "Zorro": 3rd prov. Ace pigeon 2016 and father of "Bliksem" (1st / 3334 pigeons Soissons)
  • "Black Magic": 17th nat. Ace pigeon 2016
  • "Veritas" (Maarten Poels - Berbroek): Also mother of 8/3174 Bourges and 18/9580 La Soutteraine.
  • “De Melun” (Lucien & Johan Vandebroek - Zolder): himself 1/2140 Melun and son of car winner Orléans 2003).

Auction through Pitts
After strict selection, about 13 summer youngsters are offered, ready for the upcoming breeding season. Pigeons, specially bred from the baselines of this very successful loft, but for which there is no place to keep them at the moment.
Top material, which is not allowed in most lofts, comes here within reach of everyone.
The auction includes:

  1. BE20-5006246 - Full sister top racers, 1st, 4X4th, 5th, 6X10 numerous
  2. BE19-5036609 - Full sister 1st prize racer, daughter top racers, granddaughter "Special one" 4th National Ace pigeon, 4X1st, 2X2de
  3. BE20-5049722 - Sister 3rd Ace pigeon 2020, grandson 10X1st prize
  4. BE20-5049723 - Brother 3rd Ace pigeon 2020, grandson 10X1st prize
  5. BE20-5006310 - Full brother 1st Ace pigeon 2020
  6. BE20-5006245 - "245" top racer 5th Soissons, 11th Momignies, 14th Momignies, 16th Momignies, ...
  7. BE20-5006293 - "293" topper 4th Soissons, 10th Momignies, 11th Soissons, ...
  8. BE20-5006254 - "254" topper 5th Momignies, 13th Soissons, 18th Soissons, 20th Soissons, ...
  9. BE20-5006235 - Son superline 1st prize racers, flew himself 12th Momignies, 15th Soissons, 24th Mettet, ...
  10. BE20-5006226 - Top racer "226" 2nd Soissons, 8th Soissons, 15th Momignies, ...
  11. BE20-5006262 - Son "Raket" 3X1st, "262" 2nd Momignies, 7th Soissons, 4th Soissons, 16th Soissons, ...
  12. BE19-5036648 - Top racer 5/245, 7/482, 8/408, 18/2025, 33/1909, 29/1609, ...
  13. BE14-2017250 - 15th National Ace pigeon, 2X1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 6th, ..
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