Lieven Buelens (Scherpenheuven)

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Over the past decade, Lieven Buelens has repeatedly stolen the show as the quintessential 'Barcelona colony'! He did what many amateurs still dream of, but fail to achieve: to specialize in the Catalan classic and he reached the absolute world top in marathon competitions. With the exception of around twenty late youngsters, his entire colony will now find itself under the fire of the bidding!


The party of 2014
In 2014 he was in the spotlight all over the world when almost the entire Barcelona contingent was swept away by the Buelens pigeons. The party started when his ''Flying Home'' 2083782/2011 had already reached his loft on the evening of the release at 10:27 p.m. After a flight of more than 1,080 km, this crack was beaten on the wire by Remy Speltdoorn, who stole the National victory from him with his “Nieuw Remy”. Lieven Buelens had to settle for a fine 2nd place at the National among 8,764 pigeons. And at that moment, the fireworks still had to start, because a few hours later, at 1:04 a.m., the “Nightflyer” stormed in through the flaps of the entrance. But because of the neutralization, he was finally classified as 21st National. It was a sleepless night for Buelens, because at 04:52 the ''Good Luck Morning'' dived in the direction of his loft and just 13 minutes later the ''Good Day'' also showed up at the dovecote. They won the 22nd and 23rd National respectively. Lieven again saw 4 pigeons at the very top of the competition, both Nationally and Internationally, and the whole pigeon world was left speechless and could only see this achievement.


Confirmation in 2015 and 2016
The confirmation of the possibilities of this formidable colony already followed also the following year when the ''Primus'', 2029169/2008, the year of his 8 years brought back the title of ''Primus Inter Pares 2011-2015'' to Scherpenheuvel! It was a really hard edition with tropical temperatures on the day of the release, in short, a Barcelona competition as we knew it a long time ago! ''Primus'' was still waiting, because of the 20 basketed pigeons, Lieven had already seen 9 pigeons from this loft. But cracks remain cracks and the ''Primus'' did not disappoint his master: at 4.24 p.m. he showed up for the 5th time in a row from Barcelona and thanks to that, he brought to himself and his boss the glory they both deserved. Internationally, the “Primus” was crowned 2nd Ace pigeon over 5 years at the Barcelona competition.
In 2016, it was bingo again and Lieven was again able to get on the National podium because his “Conquistador” won the 2nd National and 5th International Barcelona. And in Marseille, it was then again the “Mistral II” which that year showed what it was capable of by winning 1st Provincial and 10th National Marseille.


Devooght, van der Wegen and Vanbruane
The world famous Vanbruane pigeons brought Lieven Buelens into the top category of the long distance. Several top Nationals were bred out of this line. Not to forget either, the successes were further amplified by the contribution of pigeons from Gaston Devooght.
The ''2264717/2002'', in other words, the basic pigeon at Lieven, is again from the pigeon line of Antoon and Luci van der Wegen and is an inbred product to the ''De Beer'', 1st National Marseilles. Coupled to the ''Berlijntje 2106318/2006'' (75% Gaston Devooght and 1st National Dax line), they produced different generations of super racers.


The system and the care
This 78-year-old top fancier reigns with an iron fist over his hard-as-steel colony.
There are few frills in the care given, and also very little compassion in its selection. He only competes with classic widowhood cocks. And yearlings are often even only played as 'singles'. At Buelens, winning ''top 100'' from Barcelona allows you to be promoted to breeder: 3rd, 2 X 2nd, 11th, 18th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd plus various other pigeons having won ''top 100'' adorn the breeding loft. As well as a ''Primus Inter Pares'' and 2 X 2nd in the Flanders Cup (with the first 10 scored) and once 2nd in the Barcelona International Ranking over 5 years, all pigeons promoted to breeding...
“In addition, they must be able to win prizes by ten at the National, otherwise they are basketed for Perpignan, ”says Lieven Buelens.
The dovecotes offer little luxury, but are obviously large and above all well ventilated. This is also how breeders stay summer and winter in an open aviary with only a roof above their heads.
The morning flight of competition pigeons takes place every day at sunrise and in the evening at 2 a.m. 
res before sunset. On the day of basketing for Barcelona, ​​Lieven puts straw in the loft and they can also fly with their hen.
As a medical preparation for the Spanish classic, he administers to the pigeons 10 days before, a course of antibiotics on the food for 4 days, 6 days before, he gives them an Appertex in the beak and the day after, ¼ tablet of Flagyl . Also, he makes use of oil and vitamins and the last 4 days he feeds them high fat food.


"The wise came from the east"
For years it had already caught the attention of Lieven that the (early) Barcelona pigeons came straight from the east. He played on that by actually teaching his pigeons to follow that direction as well: ''The local pigeon fancier really can't say he has a good client with me, because I'm almost never going to basket (barely 7 time). The dressings, I do them myself, and then quite to the east, via Virton, Schengen and Saarbrücken, to the vicinity of Strasbourg. In this way, I want to make sure that the Rhone Valley is well known to them for their future career as show pigeons. In any case, they will look for a drink and a place to sleep that they are familiar and confident with and this is a “must” for dislodging contests! The pigeons get a clear benefit from this and the old pigeons still only fly Valencia with the company as preparation for Barcelona. The yearlings take part in the Montélimar and Narbonne competitions and the 2-year-olds are basketted for Valence, Montélimar and Marseille.’’


Total sale
In 2017, Lieven already sold all his pigeons, and then he kept for himself only a few youngsters from only the very best pigeons, confirmed travelers to Barcelona. These pigeons formed the new breeding loft which was to ensure that their promising offspring could flourish. The decision to now end his racing career anyway, came from his own words of: ''an incompetent board of directors who are boycotting eastern line competitions by removing the Chalon release site -sur-Soane and which no longer allows yearlings from Valence, Montélimar and Orange (completely deleted) and also the irresponsible release from Barcelona last year. And also because a few weeks ago I was threatened with a lawsuit because of slander and defamation, all because I told the truth about a dubious affair, but for which I am still 100% committed!
About twenty latecomers will stay for lack or uncertainty about the origin of these young people, kept by force of circumstance, but also for pleasure. You can still chat with Lieven Buelens and ask him your questions during our exhibition day this Friday in Lede!

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