Michael Otte: young talent from sprint to extreme middle distance!

Posted on 07/10/2020, Author: Pitts

In the East Flemish Sint-Lievens-Houtem the pigeon sport is still rampant. Several strong playing enthusiasts live in this bustling municipality and one of them is undoubtedly 31-year-old Michael Otte. As a young boy of about 8 years old, he came into contact with this beautiful hobby through his father Antoine and his uncle. Meanwhile, Michael moved with his wife and two children to a house in the Balei where the existing pigeon lofts of the previous owner were converted according to his own wishes.

The pigeon game in the Otte household focuses mainly on the nationals with the youngsters, although 12 to 16 old and yearling racing hens are also raced annually in the middle distance and heavy middle distance. A breeding of 2 rounds produces about 120 youngsters that have to defend the honor and are motivated on the sliding door. The old and yearling racing hens are also between the youngsters and Michael plays them in the same way. After the last national flight with the youngsters, a few couples are always allowed to have a nest and they are raced even further on Momignies and the Tour of Belgium.
The pigeons usually train once a day and for two nights in the basket they are taken away on the day of basketing up to three kilometers, after which they are allowed to stay together for two hours. When they return from the flight, they stay together until the evening.

The darkening takes place from about 5 pm, then Michael comes home from work. Around 11 p.m. he removes the eclipse so that they wake up the next day with the sun. During the day, father Antoine jumps in for care when Michael has gone to work.
The entire Beyers range enjoys confidence in nutrition and from a medical point of view, veterinarian Johan Van der Cruyssen from Oosterzele is responsible for the guidance. Before breeding, a cure against paratyphoid is on the program. Two weeks before the first provincial flight, Michael checks with the youngsters and then every 14 days. As by-products we note the regular use of LTW from Beute, Tollyamin and Hepasan.

From 6 to 12 October 2020 we will bring a select group of performance pigeons of the very best descent: Gaston Van de Wouwer, Tom Van Gaver, Philippe Dobbelaere, Dirk Van Dijck and many more!

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