My Thought - Impeccable Start !

Posted on 17/04/2017, Author: RH/PHIL

After the bird flu, we finally are able to start with the season 2017. And it was an instant hit. Beautiful weather, beautiful flights and lofts in shape performing extraordinary. You will immediately see from the results, which lofts are well prepared. They achieved real chain results. Our National President recently claimed that thanks to its doping regulations chain results were something of the past. Well I think our national president urgently needs reading glasses. He should check the results page on Pitts profoundly, he will immediately see some beautiful chain results appear on the screen. Of course what Van Bockstaele tells us is absolute nonsense, and it is not his first nonsense story. Chain results will never disappear as there will always be top lofts, top fanciers and top pigeons. He will never be able to prevent this. It's as easy as that. We ourselves have already achieved a great deal of top results and hand on the heart, I dare say without banned products. A strong group of pigeons that catch the top chape together with a fancier who can manage his colony, who can drive to a maximum motivation, that kind of pigeons is highly capable and that has nothing to do with doping. But apparently some people do not understand this, including our president, and simply because they don’t know how to manage their pigeons. Do fanciers never  tamper with pigeons? Of course they do, but not necessarily at the lofts realizing chain results. Fanciers who don’t believe in top chape and top pigeons, they go in search for products. Obviously,  there is nothing wrong with  that because medical care is important, without it it’s really difficult but don’t make the need for it bigger than it is. In the past weeks, we have investigated hundreds of vetchecks and viewed the results and what appears to be the biggest problem? Precisely trichomonas, "yellow" is still very common. Although some fanciers indicated that they had already given a cure. Too short cured, insufficient dose, the wrong product or even white goods sold on the black market with some powdered sugar in the pot. We have experienced it all in the recent weeks. In fact, it’s not that difficult, just try to have the base in order,  don’t think they're all right, have them checked, then you're sure. Return to your vet when you have cured them or order a vetcheck, for just 15 euros you have that certainty, and you can start. But many fanciers are beginning to write their own story and think that the heads are not good etc ... while simply the pigeons are infected with trichomonas.  Of course if you continue racing  it goes from bad to worse, they get some other infections because indeed, trichomoniasis is the mother of all diseases, but please start from the beginning. And of course also an extremely important motivation, mental doping. It's just super important. Look at the lofts in top chape, those pigeons are programmed so to speak. Released from the basket they fly into a straight line to their loft. They don’t look left or right, their just gone. The late Pros Roosen could say it so beautiful, "the mass is where the top pigeons will go," and that is the nail on the head. On Bourges a few years ago, we clocked a top pigeon and together with our old pigeon, a youngster arrived at the loft, and it proved to be one from Bourges too . It raced hard, in good condition but it turned out to be a pigeon from West Flanders. Just 200 km out of the direction. So where does fitness and good shape brings you in this case? Nowhere of course ! They should also have received a radar from mother nature. A fancier can’t do much on this, or at least do a selection. You can’t be lenient for it. As they emerge from the egg you have to watch them and be critical for yourself and especially for your pigeons. Notwithstanding beautiful pedigrees and descents. At present almost all pigeons are born with a nice pedigree. The Internet is full of pigeons with a nice pedigree but will all their children turn out to be top performers? Of course not. Good pigeons are scarce, super pigeons are rare. In all my life I have had two. That’s how difficult pigeon sport is. Good luck.

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