!! NEW !!! Completion of auctions

Posted on 09/10/2023, Author: Pitts

Auctions end and some changes have been made to the completion of the auctions.

First of all, in order to place a bid, it is compulsory to register on our site.

As of this year, the mandatory registration for bidding allows you to conveniently arrange the processing of your purchase, payment and transmission of delivery or collection details via your account in just a few clicks.

When you go to "Won auctions" in your account, you will see a "Proceed to payment" button there and then you will be taken to your personal "checkout" page.

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Here you will be given choices such as private or business purchase, home delivery, collection in Heusden or collection in Lede. Furthermore, you fill in your details and choose the payment method. There are various payment options and you can still pay cash or via bancontact on delivery or collection.

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When you have filled in all data, the "Continue to overview" button will take you to the overview page where you will check whether all data are correct. After this, you will be directed to our payment partner via "Proceed to payment" or, if you have chosen "Cash/Bancontact on collection or delivery", to the confirmation page.

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