Newcastle disease in meat pigeons in France

Posted on 27/12/2017, Author: Pitts/PB

FAVV Confirmation of a case of Newcastle disease in meat pigeons in France: Measures in Rumes and Brunehaut (Hainaut) (22/12/2017)

The Food Agency (FAVV) has been informed of an outbreak of Newcastle disease in meat pigeons in France. A surveillance zone of 10 kilometers has been set up, conqequently measures are also put in place in the Belgian municipalities of Rumes and Brunehaut in the province of Hainaut.

As a result of the outbreak in the French commune of Orchies, at about 8 km from the Belgian border, a zone has also been defined in Brunehaut and Rumes where a transport ban for poultry and a ban on collecting birds applies. These measures will last for at least three weeks.

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