Obtain now your vetcheck routine for 10 € only !

Posted on 13/03/2018, Author: Pitts/PB

Obtain now your vetcheck routine for 10 € only !

This action is reserved for premium members only.

A good medical preparation for the new season? Pitts organizes this action especially for its premium members . For just 10-euro you have a complete overview of the health of your pigeons.

Transfer 10- euro to acount number BE 56 7350 0686 7988 indicating vetcheck routine and at the same time you send an email to info@pitts.be  with your email address and postal address where to send everything to.

We will send you the envelope by the post. A specialized team of veterinarians will analyze everything and send a report by mail.

Note: this action is valid for premium members only.

No Pitts Premium Member yet ? You read here how you can become one !

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