Poussart is allowed to race his pigeons again !

Posted on 10/05/2017, Author: RH/Phil

It's news hot off the press but it is officially confirmed, Poussart is a free man again.

 Poussart caught on the use of atropine was first given a suspension of 3 years of which 2 years conditional and 1 year effective for the use of atropine. There was also a 2500 euros fine for which he recently received a payment reminder. But now “all of a sudden” he has been released by the KBDB. He did not get an acquittal, but his sentence and the fine expire and he immediately will be able to race his pigeons again. How and why the KBDB suddenly makes a 180 degree turn is not clear yet. Did new element show up, is the KBDB affraid  of claims or procedural errors? Or did the WAC under the leadership of De Backer changed its mind? At present, no one at the KBDB is willing to comment on this.

To be continued.

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