Prepare your pigeons for a good breeding!

Posted on 07/11/2017, Author: duivenkrant@hotmail.com

Prepare your pigeons for a good breeding!

Do not cure if it is not really necessary. It gives resistance and weakens your pigeons strain.
That's why use Vetcheck big.

In this kit, following trials are performed: Trichomonas, coccidiosis, worms, hexamitas, Salmonella, Coli, Streptococci, Candida an antibiogram, and of course you will receive a treatment recommendation.
Easy to order via pitts webshop or by mail info@pitts.be (60 Euro all in).

After payment, we will send you the kit.

If we have received the samples, we will send you the results by mail with advice and treatment schedule.
Why difficult if it's easy too?
No time lost, no appointments, no waiting times.
Vetchecks: the pigeon medicine in 2017.

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