Richard van Cittert and Sandra van Dijk from Schoonebeek (Drenthe, NL)

Posted on 07/10/2017, Author: duivenkrant@hotmail.com

Richard van Cittert and Sandra van Dijk from Schoonebeek (Drenthe, NL)
When Richard van Cittert and Sandra van Dijk from Schoonebeek (Drenthe, NL) decided to rebuild their pigeon sport, their first bet was to build a strong breeding loft through the purchase of pigeons with a Top Pedigree.
Their interest was mainly for pigeons with the beautiful mold color (also called gull, stork, ...); and this with a lineage where parents, grandparents or great-grandparents performed exceptionally well; or with pigeons, known to inherit these lines very well.
For example, from the breeding loft of the Friesian champions combination Bruning-Lourens from Faenwalden, 3 sons from the top breeder, Chicago's Gold, as well as a son and daughter from their Jessica, and more from several of their toppers, were bought.
Apart from these beautiful pigeons we have a grandson and granddaughter from Mr. Branco. (There were already 59 first prizes with descendants of this Mr.Branco). Also an inbred for the Silver Princes (2nd Best Olympic Pigeon Category long distance Porto 2005, 5th Pigeon Netherlands WHZB 2003) is in the breeding loft. Also with top pigeons from Belgium, namely of Roland Janssens (Big Kevin), several first prizes have already been won.
To participate in the "Algarve Golden Race" 2017 in Portugal, Ad Valk bought 3 young pigeons at Richard and Sandra this spring. In the heavy final of >500 km, the first day only 60 pigeons passed. The two pigeons from Ad Valk won 117th and 187th and where ranked with the ace pigeons of this 'one loft' race.
Sell ​​young pigeons 2017 (+ some old pigeons).
The young pigeons, ready for breeding, we offer here are young, exclusively from the breeders of combination Van Dijk - van Cittert. We see this as a good boost for each loft. Many pigeon lovers have already succeeded with pigeons from the lines coming back to this breeding loft. 
A remarkable auction of lots of nice breeding pigeons through Pitts.
The viewing day of these pigeons will continue on Sunday 8/10 at Gert Van Limbergen, Lange weestraat 51, 9340 Lede

from 11h00 till 13h00

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