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Posted on 18/10/2017, Author: duivenkrant@hotmail.com

In the mid-nineties, Willie Roegiest and Johnny de Visser collapsed. With pigeons of Koen Minderhoud and Jos Vercammen as a base for their loft, they pile up the successes. 1st NPO Orleans of 10,173 pigeons. 1st ZNB Tours (fastest of 27,500 pigeons). 1st NPO Sourdun of 6,022 pigeons 1st NPO Tours against 6,752 pigeons, etc ...
In 2011, they will seek reinforcement at a loft that is at an unlikely high level. The emperors of the vitesse game from Lille: Stickers-Donckers. A duo that has also dominated our own Duivenkrant championships for many years. In this auction young pigeons descended from a battalion of many winners, top pigeons and winners of provincial and / or national KBDB awards.
Furthermore, the bloodlines: Batenburg-van der Merwe, Rudi Desaer, Patrick and Dimitri Houfflyn, Jos Joosen, Roger and Dirk Speybroeck, Patricia Verhaegen and Verreckt-Arien live on the beautiful lofts in the mussel town of Philippine (Zeeland).
Pitts sells a bunch of the best of Roegiest & the Visser, grown for their own breeding herd, now due to lack of time due to Johnny's busy job, exceptional for sale. An opportunity to enhance every breeding hok !!

The auction ends on Wednesday 25/10/2017 at 20:00. If an offer is made in the last quarter, the auction will be renewed every 15 minutes.
The viewing day of these pigeons will continue on Sunday 22/10 at Gert Van Limbergen,  Lange weestraat 51, 9340 Lede
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