Roger Mertens: quality in abundance in the breeding loft

Posted on 07/12/2019, Author: Pitts

How many lofts have already become champions with input from the Roger Mertens pigeons?


The strategy of the champion from St-Truiden is known: Buying eggs and late youngsters from the absolute top lofts of the Belgian pigeon sport.
Roger has pigeons from Jos Thoné (several descendants in the auction), Caesaert-Senechal, Patricia Verhaegen, Erwin Geeraerts, Chris Clerbaurt, Verreckt-Ariën, Gebrs. Herbots, Guido Loockx, Karlo Van Rompaye, Vanoppen-Luyten, Wim Kempeneers, Gino Clicque, Dirk Verstichelen, etc. .. But also from their own old stock come out every year.
With this basis it is not surprising that top performance has been delivered in recent years.
First semi-national champion young pigeons from the Club de Fond Wallonie. Limburg champion young pigeons fond. 1st and 2nd ace pigeon yearling fond and third champion of Limburg yearling fond. First ace pigeon light long distance old South-East Limburg and federal Sint-Truiden. First general ace pigeon federal Sint-Truiden and first ace pigeon in the Trudo union. Sixth semi-national ace pigeon old pigeons in the light long distance.

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Championships 2019
Local St Truiden

  • 1st Ace pigeon middle distance old
  • 5th Ace pigeon middle distance yearlings
  • 2nd Ace pigeon middle distance youngsters
  • 5th Ace pigeon long distance old
  • Hafo Midden-Limburg (600 lofts)
  • 2nd camp. Old middle distance (with 1 + 2)


One Loft races
Roger, together with his friend Jan Leyen (Maaseik), has almost become the specialist in one-loft races. In 2015, 'Terres', a pigeon bred by Roger, won the tough Derby Aruna one-loft race on Tenerife. In the same race 'Leonardo' became 3rd international ace pigeon.
In the final of the one-loft race in Bulgaria, flown under tropical weather conditions, Roger was also the only Belgian participant who could clock two pigeons on the day of the release.
In the semi-final of Derby Arona Tenerife edition 2016, a group of friends, of which Roger is part, wins a super de luxe Mercedes for the second time in a few months,….


Gunther Smet (Lokeren) won 1st Interprovincial Jarnac and 1st + 2nd prov. Jarnac. Both pigeons were bred from a direct pigeon from Roger Mertens.


Top pigeon Raja
In 2018 "Radja" won the 1st prov. Angouleme. The other (provincial) results prove that Radja 15-2177972 is not a one-day fly:

2016: Jarnac 61/547
          Tulle 61/841

2017: Limoges 50/1524
          Brive 129/901
          Limoges 5/584
          Libourne 3/340
          Tulle 96/650
          Bergerac 59/250

2018: Limoges 211/1413
          Cahors 39/583
          Brive 21/783
          Limoges 35/512
          Libourne 68/303
          Angouleme 1/281 and fastest of 618 Limburg pigeons
These results are all provincial.


The bloodlines of top pigeon "Radja" are abundantly present in the selection of young pigeons 2019, which Roger offers in a remarkable auction, which is currently running through Pitts. No less than 6 direct children of this top racer and breeder are offered.
Other top breeders:
- line Milleke van Zepperen: 6th in Arona-Tenerife S-final derby (Patricia Verhaegen-Cleirbout / Thoné)
- Jos Thoné pigeons directly from the best lines in As.
- Jan Leyen (Maaseik): from the winners one-loft derby Arona Tenerife 2015/2017.
- Karlo Van Rompaey
- Ariën De Keyser (line Leeuw - Marcel Wouters).
- The 269/13, the 1st prov. Ace pigeon year. 2014 + 18th nat. Ace pigeon year. 2014 (Herbots x Thoné)


An exceptional opportunity to get hold of something from the carefully composed and proven breeding loft of Roger Mertens. The ideal pigeon for the races from vitesse to the light long distance.

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