Team Debo (Vichte) races mercilessly through pigeon land!

Posted on 20/10/2021, Author: Pitts

We must confess: no one can imitate what Geert Declercq from Vichte has achieved in recent years... After a long time without pigeons, he took a restart at the beginning of 2019, immediately shot to the absolute top and proved in black and white that investing in the best of the best is definitely worth it! In this auction, Team Debo is bringing an unseen group of pigeons under the auction hammer for the first time and exclusively at Pitts.

Geert got the pigeon bug in his youth from his father and his neighbors André and Jozef Verheye from Waregem. From 1986, this 57-year-old real estate agent raced independently for five years in the sprint and middle distance. Even then Geert already proved that he knew something about pigeons: almost immediately the 2nd national Ace pigeon was achieved and he became 1st champion WVJB. In addition, several provincial victories and national top-10 rankings soon graced his palmares. Due to a divorce at the time, the pigeon keel was forced to be put away. In 2019, a restart was made in February/March with late youngsters and youngsters from pigeons purchased on auction sites. Many enthusiasts can only dream of the success story that followed...


loft file
About 25 breeding couples are coupled around November 23. The 1st leg of this is sold in full every year. The widowers are coupled 14 days later so that they are along with the 2nd leg and this is kept. “Since our widowers are also coupled to a breeding pigeon, 2 youngsters are bred. We have about 25 couples to move the eggs of our breeding pigeons. We also work with 6 breeding boxes. Our summer boys only come from these boxes. The best breeding cocks have several female partners during the year and most of them are let out, but also 2 rounds are held in the aviaries. In this way, about 200 youngsters are eventually let out.” said Gert.


Clear view of system and lofts
The youngsters are darkened from +/- 10 March, from 6 pm to 8 am. At the end of June, they will then be lighted from 5 a.m. to 10.30 p.m. At first they are allowed free together in the lofts and 2 weeks before the National race from Bourges, the sexes are separated and they are placed on the sliding door. Geert: “The youngsters used to be played a lot, but experience shows me that they perform less the following year. You can also 'burn up' youngsters... Now everything is within the framework of the game with old pigeons and the youngsters only come along to gain experience. The game with boy is also far from fun, it is always something: adeno, rota, herpes, one eye cold and you name it...”
All old and yearling racing pigeons are bred in the winter and are never darkened or lit. They are, however, coupled for another 5 days before the season during training. Geert notes that without winter breeding the pigeons are not 'box-proof' enough.
At the moment about 50 widowers and 50 hens are ready to prove themselves next year. This is a relatively large number because all youngsters from the 4th round will be tested further next year. The old and yearling racers are all raced on widowhood with partners who stay at home: “If I hurry to come home and the room is empty, then I won't rush the second time...” is what team Debo says.

During the training flights it is usually possible to get the pigeons to France in 5 days. Geert takes it easy in the run-up to the season: the first month(s) is only trained once a day and fed once a day. Once the serious work is around the door, there is a switch to 2x a day.
“We only use Beyers Galaxy light and above Paris we supplement with Beyers Galaxy Energy. We are very avid users of all 'Winners' products. The system has been successfully used here for 2 years. Schroeder's products are also popular.

From a medical point of view, we have the luxury of coming into contact with several veterinarians. 1x year with Pascal Lanneau, 1x a year with Deweerdt and Schroeder and several times a year with Emiel Demeester (Degudap). In terms of loft fortress, we generally have primitive lofts. 1 new loft of 6 meters of tiles, a second-hand loft from Grymonprez and a second-hand loft from Demeire, all with roof tiles. It was later discovered that a water vein runs through 2 lofts. This was investigated after pigeons had been left behind for 2 years, pigeons entered other lofts and prices were very variable. It was decided not to play on it from next year. The better lofts are aviaries in which the pigeons stay day and night. They can only go to their bins via a central corridor when they leave and return home.”

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