The strategy of champion Roger Mertens (St-Truiden)

Posted on 07/10/2017, Author: duivenkrant@hotmail.com

How many lofts were already champion with the input of the Roger Mertens pigeons? This year, Roger again gives us the opportunity to draw from his fabulous source of growth. The strategy of the champion of St-Truiden is known: Buying eggs and late youngsters at the absolute top lofts of the Belgian pigeon sport.
For example, Roger has pigeons of Jos Thoné (several pure in the sale), Caesaert-Senechal, Patricia Verhaegen, Erwin Geeraerts, Chris Cleirbaut, Verreckt-Ariën, Gebrs. Herbots, Guido Loockx, Karlo Van Rompaye, Vanoppen-Luyten, Wim Kempeneers, Gino Clicque, etc ... But also from the own
With this base, it is not surprising that the top performance was delivered in recent years.
First semi-national champion young pigeons of the Club de Fond Wallonie. Provincial champion youngsters long distance. 1st and 2nd acepigeon yearlings long distance and third champion of Limburg yearlings long distance. First ace pigeon middle distance old pigeons South-East Limburg and federal Sint-Truiden. First general ace pigeon federal Sint-Truiden and first ace pigeon in the Trudo covenant. Sixth semi-national ace pigeon old pigeons on the middle distance.
Roger is about to become the specialist in the one loft races. In 2015, "Terres", a Roger-bred pigeon, won the heavy Derby Aruna one loft race in Tenerife. In the same race, "Leonardo" became 3rd international ace pigeon. In the semi-final of the Derby Arona Tenerife edition in 2016, a group of friends where Roger is part of wins for the second time in a few months, a super luxury Mercedes.

Also in 2017, Roger Mertens's pigeons were unable to stop:

Soissons 106p : 1-2-7-11-12-13-14-15 (15/40)
Soissons 198p : 1-4-5-14-15 (25/50)
Soissons 125p : 1-4-5-6-7-9
Chalon jl 62p : 2-6-12 (3/3)
Chalon o  75p : 4-12 (2/2)

Bourges 144p : 5-20 (2/4)
limoges 288p : 9-49 (2/4)

Brive 144p : 27 (1/2)
some top pigeons :

2208012/16 : Gien 28/1777 ; Bourges 42/2226 ; Argenton 214/2554 ; Bourges 110/2017 ; Chateauroux 42/597 .
2177972/15 : Limoges 50/1505 , 525/14927 ; Brive 129/901 ; Limoges 5/564 , 155/9149 ; Libourne 3/340 , 19/3927 ; Tulle 96/650 ; Bergerac 58/250 and 11e best pigeon national with 5/5 on the nat. 1-day long distance (also prognose 2e prov. ace pigeon long distance).

The viewing day of these pigeons will continue on Sunday 8/10 at Gert Van Limbergen, Lange weestraat 51, 9340 Lede

From 11h00 till 13h00
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