Top companies and their approach in anticipation of the racing season.

Posted on 03/04/2017, Author: RH/HIL

Companies are doing research for years already to find ideal mixtures also to begin the start of the racing season with. We looked for their approach.


For old birds we have our Cassaert mix for many years already now . This mixture is often used at the beginning of the year, after a long rest. Ideal to pull off the start of the season. In addition, we developed the "premium power relax" mix. An extensive mix of grains and seeds that mainly contain many carbohydrates and are ideally situated to begin the start of the season with or to provide early in the week. It includes Marie Thistle seed, known for its beneficial effect on the liver and thus loosen the old fuzz.
This is  the complete composition: red French maize, Bordeaux cribbs corn, small yellow cribbs maize, wheat, barley, milo, dari white peeled oats, paddy rice, white rice, cardy, striped sunflower seeds, hempseed, white millet, shelf seed, Vitsen, katjang idjoe, soybeans, perilla, lentils, wild seeds, Marie Thistle seed, sesame, candy mix superior mix.



For the old and yearling racing teams we prefer 100% Premium Vandenabeele in February-March. Starting with the training flights 50% BEYERS Premium Vandenabeele + 50% BEYERS Sport Light Galaxy. A light and low protein sport mixture, rich in carbohydrates and fats (eg. Vandenabeele) in combination with an easily digestible yet highly energetic sport mixture (eg Sport Light Galaxy) You provide this to your pigeons until they are  basketed for  the first race.  From then onwards you change to a (sports) nutrition program which best suits your racing system. Eg. Speed = 100% Sport Light Galaxy. In heavy weather you provide 50% Premium Brilliant + 50% Sport Light Galaxy the last day before basketing. The morning of  basketing around 10 am, you administer BEYERS Premium Super Energy (5kg bag), a teaspoon per pigeon 

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