Van Haute Andre (Moerzeke): from speed virtuoso to national top in the extreme middle distance

Posted on 17/11/2021, Author: PITTS

For Andre the pigeon adventure already started in 1972. While he was actually known for years as a speed virtuoso, from 2013-2014 he also opted for the middle distance and extreme middle distance. In the meantime, we find his name on the top lines of the results every week, and this from pure sprint to extreme middle distance! The breeds that are responsible for this are logically not the least. In the last 7-8 years, no expense has been spared to bring in toppers from world lofts and this has clearly been successful! Direct pigeons from Jos Vercammen, Vermeerbergen-Wilms, Philippe Dobbelaere, Luc Delaere, Gaston Van De Wouwer, PEC, Wout Spierings, Loft Verhestraeten, Joël Verschoot, Marc Vlaeminck, Andreas Drapa, Broeckx-Van Hees and David Vermassen moved to Moerzeke to to form a breeding loft. Pigeons from the lines of Gaby Vandenabeele, Leo Heremans and Bart Geerinckx also found a new home in Andre's lofts.

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Loft file and game system

This formidable breeding loft is located in the attic and now counts about 40 couples. They are coupled on December 1 and breed a first round of 75 pigeons and a second round of about 40 youngsters. An additional 40 summer youngsters are bred, only from the very best pigeons.
The early youngsters are darkened from March to June 21 and afterwards only lighted in the evening from 5 pm to 11 pm. The learning flights start at 5km (2x), then 2x 15km, 2x 35km, Quiévrain, Noyon and Sermaises. The youngsters that are destined for the middle distance and long distance are raced on the sliding door, while the youngsters for the speed (about 25 pieces) are allowed to come on the nest.
With the old birds Andre races both cocks and hens, both with partners who stay at home. Just like the breeding pigeons, the widowers are coupled on 1 December and the racing hens only lay eggs at the beginning of March and are only allowed to breed 'dirty'. Andre: “Since we started with the hen game, the results were immediately very satisfactory, despite the fact that I was used to traditional widowhood with cocks for many years… The game with the hens still holds many secrets for me, also in terms of training. because they don't train very long. But as long as the results are good, I don't really need to worry about this. The system I use is quite simple: the hens stay in a small aviary in front of the loft and are allowed to enter in bad weather. Before basketing they are allowed ten minutes next to or with their cock and when they return home they stay together until the next morning.”


Medical and nutrition in detail
Veterinarian Johan Van der Cruyssen from Oosterzele is responsible for medical supervision, although checks are only carried out in case of problems. In March all pigeons are vaccinated against paramyxo and in October against paratyphus.
The meticulous care schedule looks like this:
Saturday at home: build up Beyers elite or sport (Paloma) with garlic oil and Recovery (Beyers).
Sunday: Vandenabeele mixture from Beyers or D008 'start' from Paloma, back with garlic oil and Recovery.
On Monday morning: Vandenabeele mixture from Beyers or D008 'start' from Paloma with Probac 1000 (Brockamp) or Lactobac (Van der Cruyssen).
On Monday evening: build up Beyers elite or sport (Paloma) with Probac 1000 (Brockamp) or Lactobac (Van der Cruyssen).
Tuesday they will get back construction Beyers elite of sport (Paloma)
Wednesday: Energy (Beyers) or Olympic Diamond D008 from Paloma with wheat germ oil, dried with Energy (Beyers).
Thursday: Energy (Beyers) or Olympic Diamond D008 from Paloma supplemented with cheese cubes, wheat germ oil and Powerfly (Pro.Bel.Fly)
Belgasol is mainly given from De Weerd via the drinking water: this on returning home, the day after and in warm weather also the day of basketing. On Monday it changes to Maxi recup from Paloma and on Wednesday CMK from Brockamp (muscle building).

2° interprovincial champion old/yearlings
13° interprovincial champion youngsters
15° general champion
3° provincial camp 1+2 old (27° national)
4° provincial camp 1+2 yearlings
5° provincial ace pigeon youngsters (16° national)
2° champion 1+2 light long distance old birds
1° champion 1+2 light long distance yearlings
3° champion 1+2+3 long distance youngsters
2° ace pigeon old 4137762/17

1° general King 1+2
7° champion old 1+2
7° champion old 1+2+3
5° champion yearlings 1+2
1° champion youngsters 1+2
1° champion youngsters 1+2+3
2° Ace pigeon youngsters :4134094/20
AJD near Flanders
2° champion 1+2 light long distance old & yearlings


1° Elite cup (old + yearlings)
1° national ace pigeon Elite Cup 2020
1° provincial ISSOUDUN OLD (4137762/17)
2563 old
1° national zone B1 3129p
fastest of 9474 pigeons
7° national v 10603p
Quievrain Kastel
1° camp most prizes
1° camp 1+2 yearlings

Despite not being allowed to play for 4 weeks due to an outbreak of bird flu in the area, still the following odds:
1° champion yearlings 1+2
4° general King 1+2
4° camp 1+2+3 olds
5° camp 1+2+3 yearlings
4° Ace pigeon old birds
5° and 6° ace pigeon yearlings
3°general king old/year olds
4° camp 1+2 olds

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