Vrancken-Berden (Kuringen): sees top season awarded with an Olympiad pigeon (+Premium)

Posted on 15/01/2017, Author: Piet-Davy / Phil

Vrancken-Berden from Kuringen sees top season awarded with an Olympiad pigeon

From  2010 till 2016 Eric Vrancken-Berden from Kuringen won no less than  230 first and  240 second prizes. In the club De Pijl Kermt the season 2016 accounted for  49 first and  44 secod prizes , and on top of this he won 18 first prizes in Midden-Limburg (Kermt, Zonhoven, Zolder and Houthalen).

However, as the icing on the cake, he won a 3rd  Olympiad pigeon  cat. F with the irresistible  'Olympiadeke' BE16-2237789, that won no less than 15 first prizes with  doublings: Chimay against 1.624, 751, 712, 571, 504, 458, 302 and 274 duiven, plus 1st  on Vervins against 1.553, 926 and  321 pigeons.

To be complete: also on Chimay 4th on 5.345, Vervins 2nd on 5.530 and  Chimay 2nd on 2.834 pigeons.

What a magnificent results fort his little blue hen.

The sire is the bleu Hennekop (100% Willy and Sandra Vrancken from the bloodline of  De Zot (top breeder); the dam is the blue Ludo 100% (Ludo Panis from Diepenbeek), a daughter out of the super 12/2006-2nd  provincial Gien out of 4.295 pigeons and 3rd provincial Gien out of  5.113 pigeons. The grandmother is a direct Gaston Vandewouwer hen.

b16-2237891.jpg | Pitts

At the age of nine, Eric became a pigeon fancier. Until 1988 he formed a team with this brother Willy at the parental home, where they inherited the pigeon microbe from their father Albert.

“I owe a lot to my brother Willy, both in getting support and good pigeons.” Willy races pigeons together with his daughter Sandra under the name of Willy and Sandra Vrancken. They form a real top team which they prove with magnificent results and championships.
By the way: also his other daughter Isabel, who lives in Boxbergheide and who is member of the club De Eendracht Genk, for sure inherited the pigeon microbe.”

nms_08851.jpg | Pitts

Ludo Panis

Eric races pigeons together with his wife Marleen under the name of  Vrancken-Berden. They had their first succes with a pigeon bought from Georges Claeskens from Loksbergen.

Erik: “In 1989 I bought a young red cock from Georges at the pigeon market in Lier. At that moment, Claeskens performed on a very high level. The "Rode Lier" was coupled with a hen I received for free from Willy Forier of Kermt. This couple produced 12 (twelve) youngsters and all of them won first prizes.  Since then I succesfully obtained several pigeons from Claeskens.  From 1991 till 1998 I raced succesfully with the pigeons. Fate hit in 1999. All of a sudden my breeding hens suffered from adeno type 2. My 3 best breeding hens died. Since then I was less succesful in racing my pigeons.  Until my brother Willy lent a helping hand. The majority of his colony consists of Soontjes pigeons obtained thru the late Pros Roosen. Until now, every year, pigeons are transferred from Willy to Eric. Also from Ludo Panis from Diepenbeek, he claims to have obtained very good pigeons. De Vale of Ludo Panis, who on the side of the dam is a descendant of De Kaasboer,  is a stock bird who produced a lot of top performers. I furthermore have a top pigeon of  René Vervoort from  Hulshout, who in two years time won 34 prizes out of 36 races, with 7 first prizes. ”

With 15 breeding couples, coming from those top performing fanciers,  future is ensured here. The names of his brother Willy and his friend Ludo Panis are continuously repeated during our conversation:  here, admiration and gratitude carry the highest tone.



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