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Posted on 23/08/2020, Author: Pitts

The uncle-nephew combination Will & Falco Ebben from Leeuwen has been flying at top level in their department for almost twenty years.
When they bought their first pigeons from Ad Schaerlaeckens in Baarle-Nassau in 1998, their performance went up by leaps and bounds. Will & Falco have always remained loyal to Ad Schaerlaeckens and still visit him regularly when they need fresh blood in their tribe. It is therefore the Schaerlaeckens pigeons that form the basis of the current stock.
With only twelve couples on total widowhood and fifty youngsters in all, they compete with the competition. Besides the Schaerlaeckens pigeons, the hens "Roosje" & "Indy" have become important stock pigeons.

Last Saturday they won the 1st NPO Chateaudun against 4,058 pigeons, it was the crowning achievement of a great pigeon season 2020!
At the address (where they race under the name Combinatie Ebben) they started this year for the first time with old pigeons (all yearlings of course). We started with only 15 pigeons, including a third late youngster born in September.
Some first prizes have already been won in the first flights, but the focus is of course on the one day long distance. The first one day long distance flight went well. The second and third one day long distance race were so good that it resulted in two top 10 prizes at "Het Podium der Grootmeesters". The last flight (last Saturday) "Odina" won the 1st NPO Châteaudun against 4,058 pigeons with an 8 minute lead! After Linus, it is the second pigeon from our top breeder "Diablo" to win a first NPO.
With uncle Will (W. & F. Ebben) we had 10 pigeons with us, of which 7 won prizes, including 6 prizes per ten.

Here we end with the first 3 Grandmasters.
In the championships we did very well in the one day long distance:
Region 3 of Division 8 (all flights count):

  • 1st Not nominated (W. & F. Ebben)
  • 2nd Not nominated (Comb. Ebben)
  • 1st Designated (W. & F. Ebben)
  • 2nd Pigeon Champion (W. & F. Ebben)

Prov. Division 8 (all flights count):

  • 4th Not nominated (W. & F. Ebben)
  • 5th Not nominated (Comb. Ebben)
  • 3rd Designated (W. & F. Ebben)
  • 8th Ace pigeon (W. & F. Ebben)

International N.U. (3 out of 4 flights count):

  • 2nd Not nominated (Comb. Ebben)
  • 3rd Designated (W. & F. Ebben)
  • 3rd Total (W. & F. Ebben)
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