Deel 2 totale verkoop: De Bruycker - De Craene 19/10/2020 - 26/10/2020

  Pigeon 17: BE20-4165901 - "901/20" kleinzoon top kweekduiver "Jim Eye" grootvader "De Jarnac" 7e Nat. Jarnac  

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"901/20" grandson top breeding cock "Jim Eye" grandfather "De Jarnac" 7th Nat. Jarnac

Father: "985/15" son "Jim Eye" one of the best breeding cocks at De Bruycker - De Craene, including grandfather of "De Jarnac" 7th Nat. Jarnac, ... Son of "Jim" half-brother "Killer Kelle" 6x1st Middle Distance, "Nico" 3x1st, "Nicole" 2x 1st, ... & son of "Yellow Eye" mother of "Blue Prince" National Ace pigeon KBDB, ... "985/15" is also son of "059/14" sister "National Alex"

Mother: "601/16" daughter "482/12" son "National Baron" 3rd Ace pigeon Long Distance, ... also father of "Francine" National Ace pigeon KBDB, ... son of "Rika" 3x 1st prize, ... & "Mynouch" 1st Ace pigeon middle distance also mother of "Francine" National Ace pigeon KBDB, ... daughter "Nanouch" 1/1257 Tours, 1/711 Tours, ... & daughter super breeding hen "068/12" daughter Schoors-De Waele "899/11" mother of "National Alex" pedigree of "828/06" direct Meyvaert Roger father of many toppers by Schoors-De Waele & "Witpluimke Gueret" won ao 5/353 Gueret, 15/2249 Gueret, 49 / 10670 Gueret, ... sister of 1st Ace pigeon Middle Distance Meetjesland. Granddaughter "National Baron" 3rd Ace Pigeon Long Distance & "Mynouch" 1st Ace Pigeon Middle Distance


Moeder: koop 16

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End 26 October 2020 20:30:00

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