To become a premium member

From now on, being a Pitts reader, you can become a "premium member". As a premium member you get
  • Access to all articles from "Pitts magazine"
  • A membership of our club
  • Several other benefits on a regular basis (more on this via Pitts)

You are no subscriber of "Pitts magazine" yet and want to become a Premium member? Registration is simple!

The premium membership costs € 30 per year. Subscribers of "Pitts magazine" can obtain their free premium membership by sending an email to info@pitts.be.

How to become a Member?

  1. You deposit € 30 to account number BE56 7350 0686 7988 marked "Premium Membership - your name - your e-mail address."
  2. Register yourself on our site if you have not already done so.
  3. Then give us a call so we can link your email address to your data.

The whole Pitts team would like to thank you for your support and confidence.
By becoming a premium member of our club, you sympathize with our organization and you support the operation of the website and our reporters. We do need the support of our readers more than ever if we want to continue to play a leading role within the pigeon sport.

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