Terms & Conditions

  • General

    Pitts.be is a news site designed to highlight all aspects within the pigeon sport. The following general conditions apply on the one hand between BVBA Pitts Obbeekstraat 78 - 3550 Heusden-Zolder VAT BE0 480 517 511, of which Pitts.be is a part and on the other hand on the other readers of the site, pigeon fanciers, pigeon clubs in the broad sense of the word, their members and directors, buyers of pigeons and pigeon racing articles, both as an individual or as a trader and pigeon fanciers, professionally active in the sport and this all over the world.

  • The release app.

    This app is designed to give organizations the opportunity to announce all kinds of releases in an effective and efficient way to their member pigeon fanciers, official races as well as training races, during all days of the week. The use of this app is free of charge for all organizations both at home and abroad. The board members who wish to make use of this facility should send their request to info@Pitts.be . They will then receive a password and login code. Pitts reserves the right to decide who can access this app. Thereby Pitts is not responsible for the information displayed on this app, it remains the responsibility of the board members and associations who post information on the site.

  • News, articles, reports:

    Pitts primarily is a news site that provides news, articles, reports, etc ... about the pigeon sport from all over the world. All news and articles are free of charge. The articles that appear in "Pitts magazine" will from now on be displayed on Pitts.be. If you want to read these articles you can become a premium member. (See elsewhere for info) .The reporters invest quite some time to provide to everyone as much information as possible. It is strictly prohibited to take over this information or copy both content and illustrations or pictures without prior approval of Pitts.be. Interested to become a reporter? Pls. apply by sending an email to info@Pitts.be .

  • Results:

    The results of your association or joint venture on Pitts? This is possible. Pls. send your results to the editorial office on info@Pitts.be . Pitts is not responsible for the accuracy of those results.

  • Top performances:

    Did your loft obtain top performances or are you of the opinion that your loft should be placed in the spotlight, pls. send the results to info@Pitts.be . Our team will then make a selection and publish them on Pitts. The accuracy of these results is the responsibility of the respective loft or pigeon fancier.

  • Supply & Demand:

    In this section all kinds of goods can be offered. An advertisement costs 10- euros. This amount can be transferred to the bank account BE83 0689 4879 4615, stating 'supply and demand'. Text and photos can be emailed to info@Pitts.be . If the offered product is sold, please send us a mail so that this can be listed on the site. It is strictly prohibited to offer live animals, including pigeons, under the header of supply and demand. Those ads will not be accepted. If you want to sell pigeons, please contact the editorial office on info@Pitts.be . Pitts is not responsible for the goods offered for sale.

  • Pigeon Sales:

    Pitts is also known for its pigeon auctions all over the world. Bidding can be done by simply placing bids per pigeon, or by registering as a potential buyer which will simplify the bidding. Doing so a purchase agreement can be generated. The conditions are the following:

    1. Auctions
      • Pitts sells pigeons that are offered to them by third parties (read pigeon fanciers or suppliers) Sales within an auction always goes via a bid. The bid done by a potential buyer is always binding. Pitts reserves the right to reject the bid without having to provide further explanation. The offer becomes final when Pitts confirms the purchase within 24 hours by recurrent email.
      • The information provided at the auctions both on the loft, the fancier and the pigeons sold, is supplied by third parties (read pigeon fanciers who offer the pigeons to Pitts). Pitts can not be held liable for the accuracy of this information provided by third parties.
      • The providers of the pigeons must deliver the birds to Pitts in good condition. The pigeons should also be vaccinated against paramyxovirus. For this, the supplier must submit a veterinary certificate that is up to 12 months old. In addition, the provider will present a health certificate listing the examinations and any relevant treatments of the last three months. That health certificate is provided with every sold pigeon.
      • If pigeons that were sold are proved to be less fertile or not fertile at all, Pitts can’t be held liable. Pitts commits to play a mediating role between seller and buyer with no guarantee of a solution.
      • The buyer always needs to pay the amount in euros to Pitts prior to delivery. The amount that appears on the site will be increased by 6% VAT according to Belgian tax law. The delivery address is Obbeekstraat 78 in Heusden-Zolder, unless otherwise stated in the auction. Costs for home delivery, shipment abroad, all kinds of taxes, such as import taxes, are at the expense of the buyer. Pitts can help with the arrangement of those transactions. At all times, the cost will be charged to the buyer.
      • The pigeons will not be delivered before the full amount of the purchase is fulfilled to Pitts. The buyer has 30 days to do this. If not, or insufficiently paid within this period, the cancellation of the sales agreement follows automatically. Furthermore, Pitts still can claim additional administrative costs being 10% of the purchased pigeon with a minimum of 50 euros towards the purchaser. Buyers who do not pay will be put on a black list and are automatically excluded from further participation to auctions.
      • If the buyer prefers a delivery address other than the delivery address Obbeekstraat 78 in Heusden-Zolder, Pitts is not responsible for the transport to the buyer both at home or abroad. Pitts is not responsible for other problems during delivery, such as quarantine, import problems, etc ...
      • If the pigeon is ill at delivery or dead than the buyer should advise the administrative office of Pitts by mail to info@Pitts.be within the 48 hours. Pitts reserves the right to designate a veterinarian who will examine the pigeon or perform an autopsy. This will always be done in case of death. The costs are charged to the buyer unless the complaint is well founded . In the latter case, Pitts will bear the costs.
      • Pitts is not responsible in case of force majeure of any kind and therefore no compensation is due to buyer.
    2. Pigeons at fixed price
      • On Pitts you can buy or offer pigeons at a fixed price. The providers, read further on the sellers, can offer their pigeons as a candidate for sale by sending the pedigree, price and information to info@Pitts.be . Pitts will then make a selection, and publish the pigeons with a picture on the site. The cost of the picture is charged to the seller. After final selection, the seller sends the original pedigree and ownerships card to Pitts.be. Upon final payment (the buyer sends payment evidence to Pitts) and completion of the sale Pitts will send the pedigree to the buyer. The seller is committed to provide the pigeons to Pitts for at least 12 months or until the sale. He pays for the publicity only once regardless whether the pigeon is sold or not. The appropriate rates can be obtained via Pitts. After those 12 months, the seller can decide if the pigeon continues to be published by Pitts (at no additional cost) or stop with the publicity. Pitts is not the seller of the pigeons but only makes publicity through the site for those birds. The pigeons remain in the loft of the seller until the sale. Pitts can’t be held liable for health, fertility or any other anomaly whatsoever. These are for the account of the seller. The delivery address is that of the seller, unless otherwise stated.
      • The buyer can purchase the offered pigeon by sending an email to info@Pitts.be. The handling is done via email, this email is binding for the buyer. Pitts reserves the right to refuse a potential buyer without having to justify such action. After the payment of the purchase price Pitts will send the ownerships card and pedigree to buyer. The delivery of the pigeon occurs at the premises of the seller. The pigeon can be delivered at home by paying additional transport costs.
  • Voucher sales

    Associations for many years already can invoke Pitts to give their voucher sales extra emphasis. Voucher sales are donations of pigeons or eggs from strong playing pigeon fanciers to pigeon clubs. With the proceeds of these "voucher sales" the exchequer of the association may be additionally supplemented so that associations can organize extras for the pigeon fanciers. Insofar the explanation on this subject. Through Pitts pigeon clubs can put their vouchers more in the limelight by organizing bids on Pitts. The associations can choose whether the bids are also the end of an auction or if afterwards they organize an "after" bid in the pigeon club. This info is always clearly retrieved in every voucher sale. The buyer of a voucher is bound to the bid he submits via Pitts. The purchaser will be contacted by the association regarding payment and collection of the voucher. Pitts can’t be held liable in any way for the quality, collection, delivery or payment of these vouchers through a voucher sale. Associations can obtain further modalities through info@Pitts.be

  • Law

    This sales agreement and all other agreements with Pitts BVBA are governed by Belgian law, under the court of Pitts BVBA. If part of this agreement or terms and conditions is ineffective or declared invalid then the remainder of the agreement or terms do not expire in its entirety.


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