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  Pigeon 2: BE-3041302-22 - Uit Kl.zoon "RUDY" Vandenabeele Gaby & LIJN "SERO SERO" 1° NAT. Argenton Anthony Maes X Inteelt "TAMARA" Vandenabeele Gaby  

Pedigree:   Télécharger

Father is "G. SON RUDY" of Neyrinck Freddy 

This comes from "SON RUDY" by VANDENABEELE GABY and "104/13" by MARC LERNOUT (G.DGHTR 5/1450 INT.NAT. DAX : 5/4772 DAX NATIONAL

"SON RUDY" is son of "RUDY" & "JOSKA"  

About the world famous super breeder "RUDY" of Gaby vandenabeele not much more explanation needs to be given.

"RUDY" is a son of the legend "BLIKSEM".  

Mother is "PATAM" of Descheemaeker Patrick

Her father is the "805/2018" of Gaby Vandenabeele

he is a son of "TONY" by Gaby Vandenabeele and & "DAISY" by Erik Limbourg

"PATAM" is a great-granddaughter of "SERO SERO" by Maes Anthony 


1 Nat. Argenton 9255 used Tractor
Fastest of 21644
1-695 Chateauroux
28-25126 Nat. Chateauroux
4-21515 Nat. Chateauroux
7-5697 Tours Prov.
3 Prov Ace pigeon KBDB '15

Top kite and top grower 

"DAISY" by Erik Limbourg 

"DAISY" by Erik Limbourg 

daughter of "PLAYBOY GILBERT"

2 Nat. Ace pigeon KBDB MD 
1 Prov. Ace pigeon KBDB MD
1 Nat. Ace pigeon as DES AS
1 Nat. Ace pigeon MD LCB

The mother of "PATAM" is an inbred "TAMARA" of Vandenabeele Gaby

"TAMARA" is 1 of the best breeding hens from legendary "BLIKSEM"

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