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  Pigeon 12: BE-3041378-22 - uit inteelt stamduif "NICK" Debacker Chris X "TIJS" Neyrinck Callens lijn "DIETJE" 1° Nat. Souillac  

Pedigree:   Télécharger

FATHER is "TIJS" van Neyrinck Callens

Chateauroux 44-606
Clermont 69-650
Argenton 91-647
Chateaudun 147-962

"TIJS" is a son of "SUPER BIJOU"

out of the "SUPER" of Daniel Debeuf

and "BIJOU" of Eric Denijs

she is half-sister to "DIETJE" 1 NATIONAAL Souillac 2013 and to the 5° NAT Agen YL 2013


Mother is "YVANA" of Vermeulen Dujardin from Deerlijk 

"YVANA" is an inbreed of "NICK" the undeniable ancestor of Chris Debacker.

In her pedigree we find "TROLLIE" 2nd Prov. yearling ace (cl.son "NICK" & "NATACHA")


16-2766 Tours

36-4503 Tours

29-3034 Orleans

13-2069 Tours

54-20589 Bourges

13-838 Orleans

28-1925 Tours

3-401 Tours

Also "TILLY" we find back (cl.son "NICK" & "NATACHA")


8-446 Tours

89-4503 Tours

11-685 Orleans

11-6185 Ablis

22-1925 Tours

57-2375 Tours

4-3375 Tours

2-541 Tours

62-3683 Blois

Also "QUICO" , " TREZEBEEZE" & "ZUS PANAMARENCO" all child or grandchild of "NICK".

and "SANTANA" hen of Rik Cools (granddaughter "WITTENBUIK" of Vandenabeele Gaby complete the pedigree of "YVAN".

For your information: "BONTJE STAF" club daughter of "NICK" is also the mother of "DEN BONTE CRACK". 

1° national ace long distance KBDB 2019 of Anthony Maes

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