Lorenzo Van Russel 18/10/2021 - 25/10/2021

  Pigeon 6: NL21-1226481 - Volle broer 1/1272 Niergnies, 2/131 Fontenay, 17/1170 Hot spot OLR Costa Del Sol. Toplijn Gaby Vandenabeele, Rik Cools, ...  

Pedigree:   Télécharger

Full brother top racers

  • 1/1272 Niergnies
  • 2/131 Fontenay
  • 17/1170 Hot spot OLR Costa Del Sol
  • 66/632 Hot spot OLR Costa Del Sol

Mother "Kim" from the Roger Debusschere loft comes from the top line of "Pipo" from Rik Cools and "Royal Blue" from Gaby Vandenabeele.
Father "Vale Stefaan" comes from the valves of the Stefaan Lambrechts loft

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