Pitts-Auction 2016: Collection of Michel Denys pigeons

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Pitts-Auction 2016: Collection of Michel Denys pigeons

The Best of George Coutteau and Florizoone under one roof!

Michel Denys put a whole range of top performances in his pigeon career down.

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Biggest outliers were among others, the national ace title K.B.D.B. long distance with in 2004: "The Bolt". An appropriate title for a super racer with an impressive list results: 1é / 676 Brive, 2nd / 409 (wet 11/7519) in Bordeaux and 3rd / 579 (zonal 26/6076) from Limoges (wet 22/19477.).

More recently was still the ace championship fond of the Entente Belge won in 2014. Super results as a provincial Cahors in which Michel managed to classify three pigeons in the top-5. Or at Barcelona where he's strong inkorvingslokaal of Ypres-1-5-6-18-29 etc ... managed to clock against 566 pigeons. Second national and provincial winner at Brive. Achieved great success in their own loft, but also many other enthusiasts managed to set top marks with pigeons from the top loft of Handy.

The colony is based on three pillars. First, that of the late George Coutteau from Ramskapelle. A real monument from the Belgian pigeon racing on the toughest jobs. Winner of the "Golden Wing" of the Bruges Barcelona club. First international Lourdes and cartloads of national and international excellence.

George was very good friends with the equally renowned grandmaster from Newport late Roger Florizoone. Who built an impressive pedigree in the world including the international victory over Barcelona at more than 11,000 birds in 1976. Fifth International Barcelona of 13 033 birds in 1984 and thus also the winner of the Gold Wing. Third internationally Dax and the first National Barcelona from 13 966 birds in 1999. Along with George Coutteau he bred many super racers and breeders whose descendants are still numerous lofts produce winners and national champions. Think of enthusiasts as Emiel Denys, Julien Vaneenoo, Ivo Van Lerberghe, Andre Colbrandt, Eddy Jansseune and Willy Corteel. Michel Denys became in time a truly Annex loft of Georges Coutteau. Around the turn he gave George three top breeders on loan. As the boy there immediately moved to the breeding loft and were then crossed with pigeons from eggs obtained from Florizoone. Michel also proved this intersection being a straight hit.

A third hit on the breeding loft was the contribution of Norbert Ally (Aarsele) pigeons. The son of "the Dax" and in line with its "Rapid" (super breeder and flyer with 15 prizes per ten on flights over Paris). By Ally also pigeons from the best Gaby Vandenabeele pigeons. Among other descendants of his famous "Lightning". Add to this also once again descended from the golden "The Thunderbolt" line and you understand that this collection will tantalize many lovers of the great distances.

The auction starts Monday evening at 8 pm and will end on 28 september at 20 h. If there is a bid in the last quarter, the auction extends each time with 15 min.
Viewing day in Heusden-Zolder on Sunday 25 september 10-13 h.

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