Pitts-auction 2016: Marc Vandevelde (Attenhoven)

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Pitts-auction 2016:  Marc Vandevelde (Attenhoven)


In time, Marc Vandevelde sees no other way out than to do his pigeon colony of hand. Relationship problems thus have however otherwise.

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In addition to a military career as an airplane mechanic Marc was in sports always very active. Pigeons had always been so. When athletes who have achieved see a tenacity and passion that often recurs in everything they do in addition to their sport at a certain level.

In 2012, he is determined to make it to the national young bird races. In his quest, he could count on the help of his friend Ton Different from the Dutch Boskoop. An enthusiast who at times Teletext quotes strings together with pigeons he obtained from a colleague who had made a trip through the Netherlands and Belgium in 2008 and in the very best fanciers had bought only real top racers and proven breeders. Marc also has a lot to thank two absolute top in the pigeon game. He has tremendous admiration for Gaston Van De Wouwer assisting him in word and deed. He has urged Gaston that it should chronicle his knowledge of the pigeon game. Later, he also befriends a top performer in the Dutch pigeon sport, especially Peter Van De Merwe. This combination of top quality breeding material and knowledge gained from the greats started to bear fruit.

In 2015, Marc had after two domestic flights 9th best youngster in the country despite the fact that the dove after a hard Chateauroux 9 minutes on the roof was left in place. After three races, he had the 23th and 32th best youngsters from Belgium. The following week was predicted easterly wind and went for a short flight from Momignies and then the three first places were achieved. The hen that was first clocked flew the following week first interprovincial in Issoudun. The Trudo covenant was the second place in the championship with the first two nominated by the heavy middle distance youngsters. Marc had to let go of some Erwin Geraerts. In Ramillies, he placed six of his pigeons in the first 16 Ace pigeons starting with a second place behind Kobe and Kato Herbots.

Marc was therefore firmly convinced that 2016 would be the year of the final breakthrough. Alas, it was not so. After thirty years of marriage are relationship problems spanner in the straw and a divorce seems inevitable. Therefore there will be an abrupt end to a promising career pigeon. Other fanciers this is a huge opportunity for great material to tap on the head. Special is that you rarely will see the names "brother or sister ..." in the pedigrees.

They are almost exclusively direct bloodlines to the cracks in the Netherlands and Belgium.

For the Netherlands that besides Peter Van De Merwe itself further also include: C & G Koopman, Kees Bossua, Pieter Veenstra, Schaerlaeckens, G & S Verkerk and Anton Ruitenberg. From the 'Wonderful Witpen' of the brothers Van Toor and direct descendants of the golden breeding flocks of Cees Van Lambs and Herman Beverdam.

The Belgian list lovers looks equally impressive. Besides Gaston Van De Wouwer further on: Gaby Vandenabeele, Heremans-Ceusters, Van Hove-Uytterhoeven, De Rauw-Sablon, Kris Cleirbaut, Johan De Belser, Geerinckx and the brothers Herbots. This is a rare blend of the very best that there is in the Netherlands and Belgium for the grand middle distance work.

The auction starts monday evening at 20h and ends on wednesday 5 October 20h. If there is a bid in the last quarter, the auction extends  each time with 15 min.
Viewing day in Heusden-Zolder on 2 October 10-13 h. 

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